Employment and Training

A new study commissioned with the Center for New American Security (CNAS) found that veterans are likely to leave their first job out of service relatively quickly, and includes recommendations for veteran employee retention.

In 2014, the RAND Corporation conducted a survey of 100,000 Veterans hired through the efforts of the Veteran Jobs Mission, representing diverse industries, geographic locations, company sizes, and coalition tenures. Results revealed insights on the successes and challenges of Veteran hiring initiatives, and prompted recommendations on career development, mentoring and retention programs that are useful for Veterans and employers alike.

Veteran Jobs Mission Leading Practices promote the use of business case research in recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement of Veterans in business and industry to enable the creation and enhancement of Veteran employment initiatives.

Employers looking for information about working with Veterans can access the latest research on this site.  Downloadable reports, employer guides, and business case information can be accessed here.

  • The Business Case for Hiring Veterans: Beyond the Clichés
  • The Employment Situation of Veterans Monthly and Annual reports
  • Guide to Leading Policies, Practices & Resources: Supporting the Employment of Veterans and Military Families

This online toolkit provides employers and Veterans with access to leading practices, business cases, and tools and techniques. Business leaders have access to communications materials to share support for Veteran initiatives internally and to external, broader constituents. Human Resources professionals and hiring managers are provided with checklists and other tools to support hiring, retaining, and advancing Veterans. Veterans can use information to access important resources for a successful transition into the civilian workforce. 

Employers looking for the latest research on Veterans’ employment issues can access downloadable reports containing implementation information and policy implications. 

Using information gathered from 69 companies the authors of this 2012 report provide perspectives on the business benefits of hiring Veterans and the opportunities to improve a Veteran’s transition to civilian employment. 

This downloadable report documents the results of a Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM) member survey in 2010, “Employing Military Personnel and Recruiting Veterans” and provides an overview of SHRM’s “Military Veterans: Transitioning Skills to the New Economy” conference findings.  These reports stress the importance of human resource leadership to support a Veteran’s successful transition to the civilian workforce. 

This website acts as a portal to tools, techniques, and resources 1) for employers and 2) for Veterans who have sustained disabilities and their families.  Job accommodations for various injuries are described, including links to JAN's Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR) for accommodation sources and resources.