Business Resource Groups – Your Force Multiplier

Staff sitting around a circle for an informal office meeting

What is it?

Veteran Jobs Mission coalition members have found Veteran Business Resource Groups (BRGs) to be an asset to the business and its employees, both Veterans and non-Veterans. This three-part leading practices discusses how BRGs are being used to not only engage employees, but to support and add momentum to an organization’s initiatives for Veterans. 

  • Part 1 describes business resource groups and the value they bring to the organization, its employees, and the community.

    Download Part 1

  • In Part 2 100,000 Job Mission coalition members’ experience in establishing and sustaining a Veterans BRG is summarized. How members overcame hurdles encountered during their initiative’s implementation is explored and how they continued that momentum to build and sustain the BRG’s capacity is identified.

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  • In Part 3 100,000 Job Mission members share examples of Veteran BRG programs that address organizational challenges and garnered positive results.

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100,000 Jobs Mission members report benefits to the company, the Veteran, and all employees as a result of implementing Veterans BRGs. Sustaining these groups requires a commitment from the company, but the return on the funding, time, and staffing resources invested is felt in terms of employee engagement, retention, and advancement as well as company success and community good will.

Why is it useful?

100,000 Jobs Mission members’ experience implementing and sustaining Veteran BRGs can be leveraged by other organizations to enhance Veteran initiatives. Ultimately, when BRGs are considered a critical element in an organization’s growth strategy they can provide organizations with improved employee relationships, a potential competitive advantage, and a means to enhance stakeholder relationships. Mission members report improvements in workforce recruitment, retention, and talent development as well as enhancements in marketing and customer relations as results of BRG implementations within their companies.

Who would use it?

  • Senior leaders interested in starting or expanding a Veteran BRG
  • Human Resource managers who need to align the Veteran BRG with other employee groups and/or who are seeking ways to engage both Veteran and civilian employees
  • Veteran BRG leadership who want to take their groups to the next level
  • Small businesses who would like to start a Veteran’s program, but need to effectively use limited resources to achieve positive outcomes