T&M Protection Resources, LLC

Since 1981, T&M Protection Resources has been providing a growing portfolio of seamlessly integrated protection and investigative services to leading corporations, organizations and private clients. We are committed to offering services consistent with industry best practices and our ever-expanding team of industry-recognized subject matter experts, investigative and research specialists, global intelligence advisors, security consultants and operations managers includes career professionals that are former prosecutors, lawyers, previous members of federal, state and local law enforcement and private sector security experts. T&M is a recognized leader in protection and investigative services with headquarters in New York City, widespread contacts in federal, state and local law enforcement, an extensive network of trusted domestic and international security partners and T&M’s own security service and technology companies in Israel.

Robert S. Tucker, Chairman & CEO, T&M Protection Resources, LLC

“The training and experiences that veterans gained while serving our country provided them with the skills to become outstanding employees in the private sector. T&M looks forward to making veterans an important part of our company team."

Chairman & CEO