A Guide for Employers: Where to Find Military Talent

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What is this about?

For companies in the early stages of implementing a Veteran employment initiative, finding qualified military talent can be challenging. So, too, can be those efforts beyond identifying and then hiring Veterans, such as onboarding, training, mentoring and retention.

Since its founding, members of the Veteran Jobs Mission have evaluated many resources in their own recruiting efforts. The following information reflects the combined experience of our members in creating a repository list, segmented into familiar categories that will help users find the right talent, with the right fit, at the right time.

  • Resources without an Associated Cost
  • Resources That Have a Fee
  • ACAP / TAP / Military Programs
  • Career and Job Fair Resources
  • Job Boards
  • Military Organizations / Associations
  • Government Agencies & Programs
  • LinkedIn Groups

Why is it useful?

The complexity and volume of sourcing military talent can vary greatly from one employer to the next, from one state to the next, from one industry to the next, but often revolves around the above categories in the context of how recruiting gets done. The key differentiating factor is providing a starting point for end users to select the places that have been most productive and that help accelerate and ultimately fulfill their talent needs over time.

Who would use it?

  • Military program managers who are looking for the basic building blocks to support their strategy
  • Talent acquisition and recruiting professionals who seek to build and supplement their talent pipelines
  • Workforce professionals who seek to support and enhance their workforce initiatives
  • Small businesses that need to quickly and effectively access military talent for their immediate needs
  • Potential coalition members who are contemplating joining the Veteran Jobs Mission and want to learn more
  • Transitioning military and Veterans who want to increase their chances of connecting with Veteran friendly employers