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Academy Securities

Founded in 2009 by former US Naval Officer Chance Mims, Academy is our nation's first and only post 9/11 military veteran and disabled veteran owned and operated investment bank and broker dealer.


  • Equity & Debt Capital Markets
  • Public Finance
  • Institutional Agency Trading: Equity & Fixed Income
  • Investment Banking

The majority of our firm's leadership served in the military. We understand a mindset driven by service, duty, loyalty and teamwork. Academy Securities' vision is to bring the time-honored qualities of the military culture to the financial services sector, and in doing so, create a firm comprised of the best Wall Street veterans working alongside the best Military veterans.

Our goal is to achieve a minimum of 50% military veterans employed throughout our organization. Currently, Academy Securities is proud that 44% of our employees are military veterans and we are dedicated to consistently increasing the ratio.

When we take on a client, they become part of our team, and we are fundamentally committed to the fact that all short/long term success in the financial markets is predicated on collaboration, high frequency interaction, and collective accomplishments.