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100,000 Jobs Mission Companies Hire a Total of 140,832 Veterans through First Quarter 2014

Coalition grows to 154 companies; Launches portal to help military spouses find jobs

Washington,  DC -

Companies in the 100,000 Jobs Mission hired a total of 140,832 U.S. military veterans through the first quarter of 2014 – putting the coalition well on the way to beat its doubled goal of hiring 200,000 by 2020.

A total of 143 additional companies have joined the initiative since its launch by 11 companies in 2011.

Sharing best practices

The companies met in Washington, D.C. yesterday to share best practices and discuss some of the challenges impacting veteran and military spouse employment.  

“We continue to learn from experts and then refine our programs to help veterans and their spouses succeed in the civilian workplace,” said Maureen Casey, JPMorgan Chase’s director of Military and Veterans Affairs.

General Peter Chiarelli, the former Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army who is now CEO of One Mind for Research, discussed de-mystifying post-traumatic stress with the 100,000 Jobs Mission. This reflects the depth of the 100,000 Jobs Mission’s commitment to understand and address issues affecting veterans.

"There is a misunderstanding that every service member with deployment history has TBI and/or PTS -- which is not the case. Of the small percentage that have been affected, and seek treatment, there is no reason they cannot perform in the workplace. This is why coalitions such as the 100,000 Jobs Mission are important because they work to ensure that the invisible wounds of war do not brand a service member as damaged. These coalitions are open and willing to hiring veterans, realizing that they can be productive members of the workforce."

Hiring military spouses

The 100,000 Jobs Mission has expanded its efforts to hire military spouses too, including launching the Military Spouse Talent Exchange, or MTX, as part of this week’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Spearheaded by AT&T, the MTX online portal gets the resumes and profile information of spouse job seekers in front of participating 100,000 Jobs Mission companies. 

We continue to learn from experts and then refine our programs to help veterans and their spouses succeed in the civilian workplace.

Maureen Casey, JPMorgan Chase’s director of Military and Veterans Affairs

Like the Veteran Talent Exchange, which launched last July, MTX lets the employers easily access and exchange the profiles of candidates referred by other coalition companies. Spouses can input their skills, competencies and experiences gained through their own and their family’s military service.    

“The 100,000 Jobs Mission and the Military Spouse Talent Exchange are great examples of industry leading practices that will connect military spouses looking for meaningful careers with employers who value their talent,” said Meg O'Grady, Program Manager of the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program. “With the 3rd anniversary celebration of the White House's Joining Forces initiative, Dr. Jill Biden announced the Department of Defense's Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) program has hired more than 60,000 military spouses since the program was launched in November 2011. Through active outreach, the Department of Defense is collaborating with corporations, small businesses, and community organizations to expand the network of employers committed to the hiring of military spouses."

For more information about the 100,000 Jobs Mission and the MTX, visit JobsMission.com and www.mtx.jobs.

Launched in 2011, the 100,000 Jobs Mission brings together companies committed to hiring U.S. military veterans. The 154 companies now involved have pledged to hire 200,000 veterans by 2020. They hired 140,832 veterans through the first quarter of 2014. For more information on the 100,000 Jobs Mission, visit jobsmission.com.